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The last WIP. by CallieFink The last WIP. by CallieFink
Too lazy to fix the contrast errors on Photoshop. Lol.

Anyway. I've got the hair all done, except for the little section in the top right corner, gotta add some more hairs to it. Just need to work on the Capri Sun pouch some more and it's all done. :)

Graphite on Bristol Board 14x17"
Used: HB, H, 3N dynagraph, 6B

Also a question I get a lot, I will answer it here. What is a dynagraph and where can I get them? A dynagraph is a special non-lead based(it's plastic based instead of lead) pencil that architects used for draughting on mylar film before computer programs were invented for designing out buildings. The pencils come in N0, N2, N3, and N4. They are extremely hard and smooth when put on paper, technically harder than a 9H and it has great consistency. My dad had many of them from when he was first starting out as an architect after he graduated from college a few decades ago. I was looking through his supplies because he lets me use them and I tend to find some neat stuff in his office for my art. I came across the pencils and tried them out. They worked awesomely. So my mother and I drove out to Los Angeles to this architect supply store and found out that they did not make the pencils anymore because of the invention of the Cad(sp?) system on the computer and more advanced technology, and this store only carried the last of them. So I bought the whole box of them... Thankfully they don't use up fast, I barely have to sharpen them... So. Yeah. :P
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dulioil Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010  Student
Caprisun :heart:
JSOldroyd Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
Thats absolutely brilliant, amazing :D
victoriagordon Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
how long has it taken you sofar?
loki-lyo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
nobodyschaos Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
its comeing along nicely
alexeihartley Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
Still awesome, you spelt CAD right, its Computer-Aided Design, I did work experience at an architecture firm and they do everything on a computer, it seems a shame because I really like architectural drawings. I don't think you can buy dynagraph pencils anywhere anymore, I had a quick search on the net.
AJuiceBoxFox Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
It's CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design.) C:

But it's very very gorgeous thus far!! :D
lackasleep Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010
The hair is amazing. AMAZING. :love:
SpiritGlade Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool stuff. I use my dad's old drafting leads, but they're regular lead. =/

And I can spend hours looking at this thing and still be amazed it's not a picture.
CallieFink Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Funny thing is if you just use regular lead, it still will come out cool. This entire thing was done with HB from a few sticks of lead from a mechanical pencil. I just use the dynagraph for like small parts of shading.

Lol, I actually for once like how the hair came out, but I still need to fix the shading on the face a bit. Time for kneaded eraser...
SpiritGlade Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I typically just use regular lead. I've got a ton of pencils, though, even if I really only use about five of them. ^^;

The hair came out really well, though! But I suck at portraits, so. xD And kneaded erasers are awesome. I use mine a lot as a stress ball too. xD
Blazenator Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010
Your artwork never ceases to amaze me. o:

So a dynagraph is basically a pencil that lasts longer than a regular pencil?

This sounds relevant to my interests~

Although it sounds more like a type of graph. Like a bar graph.
CallieFink Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It lasts longer cause it's a harder "lead" and doesn't have to be sharpened often. I think I sharpened mine 2 months ago, and it's still at a half point. It's so awesome. Lol and yeah it does XD a graph pencil... thingy
iilove2PM Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Geminijade2 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist

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